28 Years as a Biker Chick: a lot of “Changed Perspectives” and “New Waves”

28 Years as a Biker Chick: a lot of “Changed Perspectives” and “New Waves”

I really admire the skill involved in photographing or videotaping motorcyclists (especially after seeing it in action during our video shoot for “Cool Rider”). Think about it. They’re constantly moving!

So when I stumbled across Lanakila MacNaughton’s Women’s Moto Exhibit I spent a couple hours just soaking up the images (see some on my Lady Bikers Pinterest board  or Lana’s web site).

Lana says she created The Women’s Moto Exhibit to document the new wave of “modern female motorcyclists.” To reveal the brave, courageous and beautiful women that live to ride. To use photography to promote a new perception of female empowerment and inspire independence and liberation through motorcycling. She “wants to change the way women are perceived not only in the motorcycle world but society in general.”

vixensI’ve been riding motorcycles since I was fifteen. That’s 28 years (you do the math!) – and a lot of “changed perspectives” and “new waves” of women riders! When I started riding it was rare to see a woman as the driver. I was a rebel then.

And, I think, some things don’t change. Women still feel a little bit rebel and a little more sexy when they ride. Not to mention that bikers are some of the most friendly folks on earth; there is an instant connection amongst motorcycle riders like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

So many photos of women bikers in one place got me to thinking about Gina, the heroine of Take Two: a Hollywood Romance, and her lady biker friends. Each of the women is as different as it’s possible to be. And yet, their love of motorcycling translates into a love for each other. In fact, when I saw this photo, I saw Gina and her friends.

Soon it will be time to tell their stories: Willow, Andie and Sabrina. And I’d like to invite YOU to have input on those stories! Visit my (short) survey here and tell me whose story I should write next! Click here to take survey!

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