A Book After my Own Heart

A Book After my Own Heart

I’ve found author who writes like me!

Nicholas Evans “The Smoke Jumper” has everything I love in a story: dangerous occupations. War and chaos. A handsome, brooding male character. A love triangle … and a happy ending (I’m a sucker for those).

Hmm … sounds familiar!

Evans did a masterful job of using traumatic events and showing how the characters develop because of (or in spite of) them. The ‘voice’ of each was authentic and even though there were four points of view (telling their stories) I didn’t have any moments of confusion like I have in other books.

All the things I use in my writing (although I try to keep my point of view to only TWO characters)!

The only weakness I encountered was an image of a moose on fire. Although I understood (as the main character did) that it had significance to his path in life, it was not clear in the end how it impacted his life.

It has gotten me thinking about the novel I’m working on now. There is a similar recurring ‘theme’ in it, also, and I will take this as a timely message to make sure there is a strong purpose in writing it into the story!

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