A Little Writing, a Little Music…

A Little Writing, a Little Music…

Eighteen months ago I was asked to lay some backup vocal tracks with some musicians I sang with way back. I hadn’t expected to do more than that, even though that band is now actively gigging around town – and one of the songs I sang on was getting radio play in France.

But something was re-awakened, and I found myself drawn back to music in a way I hadn’t expected. Because of my busy schedule, being a permanent band member and gigging regularly isn’t an option right now … but I became open to doing ‘projects.’

This past week I’ve been listening (and re-listening) to my friend’s new tracks in preparation of recording vocals next week. And I’m starting to think about building a singing ‘portfolio’ for the day when I DO want to re-join a band.

When I gave my web site a face lift, I added two MP3 files on the MUSIC page (you can listen now).

There’s also a link to a video of one of our taiko drumming pieces. It’s not professional by any means (and it’s of rehearsal, not performance), but it’s fun – I’m playing the big “odaiko” drum on back right.

Speaking of odaiko, I just started an ‘intensive’ class on how to play that particular instrument more effectively. My son and I are also taking a 4-week taiko class together (along with my regular practice).

You might ask when I have time to write around all this. And that would be a fair question. But remarkably, the novel is progressing and I’m waking with new ideas more often than usual. I suspect creativity is like any other exercise: the more you do it, the more it comes to you!

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