A Secret Project (no wonder I’ve had no time to write)

A Secret Project (no wonder I’ve had no time to write)

Wow…for not a lot happening (writing-wise) for a long time, the last few weeks have really been a whirlwind. True Surrender is finally coming!

In fact, I’m planning a little celebration when it’s ready for prime time – probably early October (stay tuned for details in a couple weeks).

True Surrender is the story of Major Aaron Bricewick, who was held hostage by Afghan terrorists. When he’s rescued, he thinks the worst is over…but his personal journey is just beginning. Want to know more? Check out the True Surrender page.

A ‘secret’ project…

It’s time to let the secret out. Back in April, my husband and I recorded our first song, The Rose (Surrender version). Now I can share that we are turning that song into a full-length music video – complete with scenes from True Surrender!

Auditions. Writing a script. Hiring actors. Renting a military uniform. Finding props. Securing shoot locations. Coordinating schedules. No wonder I’ve had no time to write!

I had no idea this kind of thing was so much work (and I’m not even doing the hard stuff, like camera and editing)! But I’m excited to see something written (a book) become something visual – and it’s especially gratifying to bring my two creative pursuits (writing and music) together.

I hope you’ll come out to my book launch, where we hope to show the video.

Speaking of music…

There are several new song ‘samples’ on my site. These are Mark Cameron originals from his new album, “Built to Bust” (on which I sang back-ups).

Oh, and let’s not forget taiko drumming! The recital in July was excellent as usual (I can only take a little credit for that). We managed to get some video that I hope to edit and post soon.

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