A Writer’s Guide to Handling An Assault Against Your Position

A Writer’s Guide to Handling An Assault Against Your Position

You’ve probably heard that you should “write from your heart.” But what if that means you’re at odds with your editor?

I don’t have that particular problem, since I’m self-published. But a conversation I recently “lurked” on got me to thinking…

There are some writers who feel they can’t say NO to an editor (especially those in the beginning stages of being a writer, a state I remember VERY clearly). There is certainly a time to take an editor’s word for it. But there are other times when I think you have to stay true to your character (after all, no one knows them better than you).

So, if you say NO to that editor (or publisher), do you have to walk away? It’s possible, I suppose. And the people-pleaser part of me cringes at that possibility.

But then I think, so what? There are SO many avenues to getting your book published nowadays… do you really need THAT editor (or THAT publisher)? As one writer pointed out, writers get the good, the bad and the ugly. “It just is what it is. What you have to be clear on is where you are. And then hold that position.”

And being that I write military characters, I liked this analogy from Eileen Nauman: In the military, it’s called an “assault against your position.” Getting that critical response from an editor is like stepping on an IED that blows your writer’s confidence apart.

So I think I’ll just keep on doing my thing… my way!

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