Agent or No Agent?

Agent or No Agent?

Last week, in a sudden fit of inspiration, I wrote a rough draft of a query letter for Novel #2 – despite the fact that I haven’t consciously decided to go that route this time around.

Why the (potential) change of heart?

Struggling to get the word out about ‘Last Chance Rescue’ (with mixed results) has had the interesting effect of *encouraging* me to seek representation.

I didn’t believe an agent would seriously consider any proposal I would have made for “Last Chance Rescue.” After all, my ‘writing credentials’ were, well, nearly non-existant. And the market was (and is) saturated. (And then there’s the little matter of my IM-patience…)

But now I’ve proven that I can finish what I start (a novel) and even that I have the chutzpah to market it myself (however questionably successful that has been). AND – perhaps most important – that the book is GOOD (according to others, NOT just myself and I).

So perhaps it’s no longer ‘wasted’ time; an agent might actually read through my query and synopsis now. What have I got to lose?

(one little drawback: I’ve got to actually WRITE the dang novel…)

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