Alarm Bells Turn to Pleasant Surprise

Alarm Bells Turn to Pleasant Surprise

“Last Chance Rescue” got a really great review in Firehouse Magazine. It really speaks to the bias against self-published books:

“Alarm bells went off in my head as I read her words. Key phrases like Romance, aka Bodice Ripper, went through my mind along with serious concerns about a self-published book. Mind you, there are a number of good to very good self-published books on the market, but it has been my experience that the majority of them would have been much better with the services of a good editor.

I am very pleased to say that Tracey Cramer-Kelly is an excellent writer. Well-crafted plot, storyline and character development that is consistent throughout and a very plausible, satisfying and realistic ending to the tale…”

Click here to read more. Thank you Norm!

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