An Entirely Different "Last Chance Rescue"

An Entirely Different "Last Chance Rescue"

I couldn’t resist picking up Christy Reece’s book titled “Rescue Me.” After all, it kept coming up when I’d search for MY book (seeing as how the organization in her book is called – you guessed it – Last Chance Rescue!).

I was expecting a typical (read: formulaic/mindless) romance novel (it’s a Ballantine title), but I was in for a pleasant surprise. Some of the plot lines were a stretch, but heck, isn’t that why we read fiction, after all?? The characters felt real, their dark and painful pasts were compelling, the action never flagged — JUST LIKE LAST CHANCE RESCUE!

I do find it amusing that a term like “Last Chance Rescue” can have so many meanings. I, of course, *meant* to incorporate a double meaning (search-and-rescue and horse rescue operations). Thank God I didn’t title mine “Rescue Me”! 🙂

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