Another Book Review for True Surrender: 4.5 Star Book Review!

Another Book Review for True Surrender: 4.5 Star Book Review!

Another Book Review for True Surrender: 4.5 Star Book Review!

A man tormented by nightmares and the after affects of a capture, and a woman who has lost so much, but still feels blessed. These two amazing people have met and loved each other before, but now are brought face to face again. True Surrender is Aaron and Holly’s story, and along the way are some powerful scenarios and deep, emotional conflict that needs resolving.

Aaron Bricewick wakes up in a strange place after being imprisoned by terrorists. His memories are of bad, disturbing things and he can’t shake those feelings away. But Aaron is now home in America, free, and he’s in for a long ride ahead because he has to adapt to his new life.

A major in the Army, a man like Aaron is used to being independent, strong, and capable. Now he’s not so sure, and his desire to not allow anyone in to help deal with his pain is slowly eating away at him. My heart went out to this man, and though he’s only a character in a book, there are many men like him out in the real world that could be and possibly are going through the same thing that Aaron did. That’s what makes him such a character to relate to, and his strong emotions pulled me into this book and never let go.
Holly Rossiter is a widowed mother of a wonderful little boy. What Holly doesn’t expect when she goes into work one day is to come face to face with a man from her past, and have to deliver some startling news to him. She loved Aaron long ago, but their different paths in life caused the pair to drifted apart. What matters now is Holly is here for Aaron, and wants to see him through this difficult time. Not many could go through such a traumatic experience only to meet up again with someone they never thought he’d see again. This is a new beginning for Holly and Aaron, along with Holly’s young son, Nick.

True Surrender has an outstanding plot that holds on tightly to the readers emotions, strong characters that you won’t be able to forget, and intense situations that will either make or break it for this couple. It’s a contemporary romance with light inspirational aspects. Aaron must come to terms with life and God and accept what has become of him even thought he fails to understand why. And Holly, despite the things she’s lost, embraces life as a blessing. As light and dark join forces, it’s only a matter of time before love finds its way into their lives once again.

I enjoyed this book and was glad to be able to read it. The author takes a story that could be part of someone’s real life and keeps the reader engaged the whole while. Readers, if you’re looking for a sensual contemporary story to captivate you, then rush on out and get a copy of True Surrender, and in no time, you’ll surrender your heart to these inspiring characters.

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