Army Ranger Series

I’d like to introduce you to U.S. Army Rangers Cory Foster and Chase Richards. They’ve survived everything together. But can they survive falling in LOVE?

They’ve been friends since Army basic training. They went through hell together in Ranger school – and a different kind of hell during their tour in the Middle East. Now they’re part of an elite group that specializes in rapid infantry assault, night fighting and hostage rescue.

They’re at the top of their game. They’ve seen it all. They know it all. Or so they think.

And then they fall in love.


Ranger’s Destiny, the first book in the Army Ranger Series, opens as Cory discovers his little sister is pregnant. Nothing in his Army training has prepared him to handle his sister’s miscarriage and subsequent medical emergency.

Doctor Madeline Wright doesn’t date military men – or the family members of her patients. But when a beaten and bloody Cory shows up on her doorstep, she can’t turn him away.

Chase has been infatuated with Ella Foster for years but, as his best friend’s sister, she is strictly off-limits. But when Cory asks him to watch over Ella while she recuperates from a medical emergency, Chase gets more than he bargained for.

Ella has wanted Chase ever since he appeared as her knight in shining armor during an attempted rape three years ago. But he’s so far out of her league, she’s sure she can never have him.

Free excerpt: “Blood”
Free excerpt: “Persuasive”
Free excerpt: “This is for you”
Free excerpt: “Something in that shot”
Free excerpt: “Respect”

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Ranger’s Sacrifice: Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is harder.

Army Ranger Cory Foster is a born leader, but always being in control comes at an increasing cost – especially where Maddy is concerned.

Doctor Madeline Wright struggles to open herself to a man who spends half his life on the other side of the world – and who may not come home in one piece.

Ella Foster is determined to prove she’s moved on from her disastrous relationship with Rolando, but feelings of shame and inadequacy ambush her at every turn, making her doubt the love that’s offered her.

Army Ranger Chase Richards knows Ella is “The One,” but he also has an unbreakable allegiance to the Ranger team. Can he give himself fully to both?

When an old enemy and a jealous ex join the mix, the Ranger team starts to unravel.

And then, the unthinkable happens, changing the lives of all four.

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