Biker Fiction: A Female Biker in a Biker Gang

Biker Fiction: A Female Biker in a Biker Gang

Sour Cherry (OK, I’ll confess right up front that I did not care for the title; it made me think of porn) is about a female biker who is in a biker gang. I’m always curious about how other writers develop biker characters, since I’ve been working on my own recently.

In the opening scene, Cherry has just had a mind-blowing one-night-stand when she’s confronted by a crazy lady who punches her in the nose AND gives her a thousand-dollar downpayment to kill someone.

How could you not like that opening? It pulled me in right away!

But apparently things went bad earlier, and she has to go on the run from her own gang members. Where does she run? To the one-night-stand guy … who happens to also be involved in a biker gang (naturally).

I liked this story right away. The heroine was feisty (which I tend to like), and the hero (Cooper) comes across as an interesting mix of standoffish but with a sense of humor. What we find out about him as the story progresses makes him even more interesting.

Some of the events were a stretch, even for fiction (like, why would she return to her own apartment when that’s the first place her gang would be looking?). And the ex-military “bad guy” that shows up in the climax… he had a connection to Cooper, but apparently also to the gang and Cherry’s father. It wasn’t clear, which unfortunately made the climax less powerful than it could have been.

I also didn’t understand some of the ending events (which I don’t want to spoil by specifying). BUT, it was a happy ending and because the action was constant and there some surprising twists to the story, I still rate it a 4.

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