Biker’s Kiss (What Happens in Sturgis)

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What Happens in Sturgis (a Biker’s Kiss Novella)

Kissing is overrated.

At least in Vince’s mind. The fact that he avoids kissing hasn’t stopped him from getting what he wants from women. But now he’s shared a little too much with his co-worker, Tori—and she’s made it her personal mission to change his opinion. After all, what happens in Sturgis, stays in Sturgis.

Or does it?


What Happens in Sturgis is a novella (about 12K words). The story is told entirely from the male character’s point of view. Although Vince struggles with a serious issue in his past, this story is all about The Kiss (and motorcycles!). There’s a lot of kissing in this story! What Happens in Sturgis is an alternative to the dark, gritty ‘biker fiction’ with the stereotypical ‘good girl’ and ‘bad boy’ alpha male – a biker story with realistic characters (characters you could actually imagine meeting) and full of possibility.

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