Book Review: “Light” Romance is too “light” for me…

Book Review: “Light” Romance is too “light” for me…

The premise of Mike’s Best Bet is good – the whole “opposites attract and love conquers all” theme with the football coach and a music teacher. The opening scene was funny. Grammar was good. There was conflict, and not too much drawing out the misunderstandings. There were obstacles to the characters’ romance.

But for some reason, I wasn’t able to “go deep” with the characters. I found the characters, obstacles and conflict (especially around Andi’s relationship with her father) all somewhat cliché. The sub-plots could have been really compelling but were not developed; they seemed to be there only for the purpose of creating obstacles for the characters.

In sum: a little “lighter” read than I care for. Guess I need more torturing of the soul and deep dark topics!

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