Book Review: Novel Featuring Famous Actor

Book Review: Novel Featuring Famous Actor

Ryan is a famous actor; he can’t get away from the paparazzi and his (mostly female) fans physically accost him. Taryn is a “commoner” – a bar owner who’s unimpressed with Ryan’s star status. Ryan finds this refreshing and he pursues her. Although she initially says “no” the reader knows that’s not going to last. I was surprised how little she held out, though – before the half-way mark they’d slept together and she was meeting his parents.

That brings me to my main complaint about the book: although I found the opening incident and the climax to be especially compelling, the story could have been told in much fewer words.

In particular, the section from 50% to 80% (on my Kindle) really bogged down – lots of extra scenes that didn’t move the story forward or contribute much to the characters’ development. I might have quit reading if I wasn’t in the midst of writing my current novel (which features an actor hero and a director heroine) and wanted to see how other writers handled famous actors! Luckily, it picked up…

About the characters: Ryan’s “poor me, I don’t have any privacy and I’m so stressed” attitude got a little tiresome … yeah, being famous is probably stressful but if you’re making $7-$9 million for each film, I don’t really want to hear too much whining. A shorter storyline would have gotten the point across without rubbing it in. There were a few times Ryan flaunted his money, making changes to Taryn’s home and bar without her actual consent, which didn’t seem to be something Taryn would have allowed based on her personality at the beginning.

What I liked about Taryn: she insisted she didn’t want his money and the author did a good job of keeping that consistent. What bothered me about her was the constant doubt about trusting Ryan. Not surprising at all, really… and it wouldn’t have been a problem if the story had been shortened (there wouldn’t have been so much time to harp on about it).

Overall, though, I enjoyed this book. There is a little twist to the climax that I won’t give away but definitely a nice touch, and grammar, spelling, etc is good. I would have rated a 5 if the story had been more concise (rating: 4).

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