Book Review: Wounded Veteran and Devoted Wife

Book Review: Wounded Veteran and Devoted Wife

A Broken Christmas stars a wounded veteran and a devoted wife. Yep – wife. That’s different in a romance…and I liked it. This was not a characters-meet-and-experience-immediate-love/lust story. The characters had been married for a number of years and they knew and understood each other at the deeper level that comes with marriage. They had been through periods of separation (due to military service) and tough times (one very tragic experience in particular). Their marriage vows also created a more committed relationship (particularly for the wife, Aimee).

The veteran (Kyle) is my favorite type of hero. The kind of hero who is tough – and even tougher on himself – but there is something about them that shows their humanity and their vulnerability. (The kind of hero I created in True Surrender.) I liked that he had contradictions of himself.

Kyle’s experiences, thoughts and frustrations with his physical disabilities were highly believeable. Aimee’s responses to them were at times almost too good to be true. But I liked that she was a strong enough person in her own right, and with her own background of military service.

Many books make use of what I think of as “the big misunderstanding” and that is true of this book as well. Sometimes an author can string that out to the point where you get tired of it. But that didn’t happen with this book; even though the action took place over only a few days, it was paced well. The wrap-up was a little too quick, but had a twist I didn’t connect earlier that was a pleasant surprise.

A note about the title: I don’t typically pick up Christmas-themed titles, although it seems fashionable so there must be others who do. This was so much more than a “Christmas story”! I picked it up because of the wounded veteran angle and I’m glad I did.

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