Book Trailer Stars Search-and-Rescue Team

Book Trailer Stars Search-and-Rescue Team

Former Army paramedic and helicopter pilot Tracey Cramer-Kelly has just finished a book trailer for Last Chance Rescue. The 1-minute “movie” allows readers to get a sneak preview of Last Chance Rescue in a fun new way.

What is Last Chance Rescue about?

Jessie has lived alone and worked with the search-and-rescue team since returning home from a stint as a paramedic in Iraq. Her social life consists of her teammates and Madeline, the owner of the horse rescue ranch where Jessie keeps her beloved mare.

When she meets up with an old high school buddy at a reunion, she cautiously allows him into her life, but only as a friend. Brad is running from his past and in need of a dramatic change. Joining and training with Jessie’s rescue crew is a radical departure from his superficial career in advertising.

The two are reluctant to fall in love, so they learn to navigate the terrain of trust and friendship even as they face life and death scenarios in their day-to-day lives. Not until they both risk facing their secrets do they allow their friendship to take a final plunge into love.

Last Chance Rescue has been lauded by readers and critics as much for its enduring romance as its intense, true-to-life search-and-rescue scenes.

Praise for Last Chance Rescue

“Cramer-Kelly traverses the peaks and valleys of one man’s quest for personal fulfillment and the remarkable woman who helps him find it.” — Sheri Vangen-Ratcliffe, Author of Heir Apparent

“A storyline that rockets up and down like a wild helicopter ride and keeps you guessing until the very end.” — John Nemo, Author of Jumper, The King’s Game and Miller’s Miracle

“The author’s emergency medical background and outdoor experience shows through.” — Terri Watson, Air Idaho Rescue Helicopter Pilot & National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) Senior Field Instructor

To View the Video

Visit to view the video and/or read a free except. (Last Chance Rescue is also available at

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