Cool Rider Music Video: Sneak Peek of “Ordinary Guy”

Cool Rider Music Video: Sneak Peek of “Ordinary Guy”

Time for an update on the “Cool Rider” music video. The shoot was completed nearly three weeks ago, but I’ve been unable to start on the editing process.

For those who don’t know, my mother-in-law was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer on Aug 15. What followed was a shockingly rapid decline complicated by pneumonia, and ultimately she passed away on Sep 28 … the day before the video shoot.

It was a difficult time, trying to keep all the usual balls in the air, often as a single-parent… and still complete the video shoot for “Cool Rider,” which had been planned for some time.

When I was finally able to sit down to work on the video edits, I discovered that I had a corrupt copy of the Adobe software I intended to use. After a 4+ hour battle with Adobe (I have very little nice to say about the company) it seems my issues have been resolved. Whether the lost time was worth it is debatable, but in the last week I’ve been able to complete three short demo videos for our motorcycle business (Leader Motorcycle).

This weekend I intend to start working on “Cool Rider” in earnest. I can’t wait to see it come together; we have such great footage. In the meantime, I took one of my favorite “takes” and turned it into a Sneak Peek for you (I hope to do several of these, so subscribe to be alerted or become my FB fan).

We call this the “Ordinary Guy Scene.” This was the fifth or sixth take, partly because I kept overshooting my mark (which happened to be a piece of gum on the sidewalk!) and getting slightly out of frame. So you see the thumbs-up as Tracy also rejoices that I hit it (he had NO problems with this, but that’s a story for the next Sneak Peek!). I also like how Brett played the “ordinary guy” part in this take.

One more note: I had intended to release the song and video together, but because of the delay, the song is out already! You can listen to a clip here or download from iTunes or CDBaby.

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