Cool Rider Music Video: Sneak Peek of “Pink Ladies”

Cool Rider Music Video: Sneak Peek of “Pink Ladies”

I spent this past week immersed in editing the video for “Cool Rider.” I spent every spare moment on it (and even stole some moments from my work schedule). The main goal was to choose and place the desired scenes into the timeline and get the lips moving in tandem with the audio.

I had committed to blogging about the entire process of creating a music video, but I thought, this is boring, no one will want to read a blog post about video editing!

For me, the exciting part is the video shoot itself, because it’s a chance to work with creative people (I like to describe it as a creative “burst”) as a team. Even the planning and prep time leading up to the video shoot gives me the opportunity to work with creative people.

The video editing process, however, is rather solitary. But it’s a creative process nonetheless, and as usual, I’ve learned a lot (and I don’t mean just the software, which I’m getting much better at). I also discovered how weird it is to watch yourself over and over when you’re the one making the editing decisions. (I’d much rather watch my hot co-star!)

Perhaps this “solitariness” is part of why I like to share Sneak Peeks of the video ahead of its full release.

So here is Sneak Peek #2, titled “Pink Ladies.” Unlike the first (“Ordinary Guy”) which was captured directly from the raw footage, this Sneak Peek video is from the eventual finished product.

The “Pink Ladies” scene came together relatively late in the planning process, and I’m so glad it did. It really adds to the story. But I know what you’re thinking: when do I get to see THE Cool Rider? The hot biker that the singer is after during the song…does she get him in the end? Watch for the next Sneak Peek!

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