Cool Rider Music Video: “The Biker in the Mirror”

Cool Rider Music Video: “The Biker in the Mirror”

As I’ve mentioned before, I had a great time with the cast and crew of the Cool Rider music video. Here’s another prime example…

In an earlier post I mentioned how much trouble I had “hitting my mark” in the Ordinary Guy scene. I joked that my co-star, Tracy, had no such problems.

And here’s the proof! The scene in which our lady biker is checking out the Cool Rider by watching him in her rearview mirror.

To this day I’m in awe of how Tracy could ride that tight circle, park the bike exactly where it needed to be, walk around the motorcycle AND toward the camera – all without moving out of the frame.

I had trouble when all I was doing was walking! The scenes I was in, we shot five times (maybe six). This scene we shot twice (and believe it or not, this is the first take!)

So he’s not only hot… he’s “right on the mark”! 🙂

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