Cool Rider Project


I’ve been a biker chick for over two decades, and I’ve owned a motorcycle accessories business since 2003 ( There are so many things I love about motorcycling. I’ve even had some essays published in collections.

The idea for the Cool Rider Project began with the “Cool Rider” cover song, which brought me back to my hang-loose biker roots. But more than anything, it was creating the story for the “Cool Rider” music video (and getting stories from real-life women bikers) that convinced me it was time to write about women bikers.

TakeTwo_COVER_NEW_FThe first biker character to appear in my published work is Gina Devereaux in Take Two. But as happens sometimes, her story lead me to think about other stories (in this case, those of her lady biker friends), and thus was born The Lady Biker Series. (Subscribe to my blog or newsletter; or follow me on Facebook or Twitter so you’ll be the first to hear about more to come!)

LadyBikerSeries_LogoBut the Cool Rider Project is not just fictional stories. It’s videos. Songs. Photos… and real-life biker stories (please share yours with me by clicking on the Contact page!).


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