Creativity: a Funny, Fickle Thing

Creativity: a Funny, Fickle Thing

Taking a deep breath…back to writing after a 3-month hiatus due to work and children, a taiko recital and funerals…and more work. I’m no different than other writers – the bills don’t get paid by the writing bug. Children aren’t raised by mom escaping into a fantasy world. And so…here I am, wondering (again) where time went!

Most of the writing for Last Chance Rescue was done between 9 and 11 pm. But most of it was also done BEFORE my second child arrived. These days I find myself so tired by 9 pm that it’s difficult to get the creative juices flowing.

Thank you to those who have expressed interest (and gentle prodding) about my next novel. When last I worked on it, I estimated I was about 2/3 done – but also at a difficult point where I needed to make some significant plot changes.

So you’d think that’s what I would be working on, now that I have finally regained some ‘brain space’…

But creativity is a funny, fickle thing. For the past couple weeks I have been gurgitating what is turning out to be another, altogether different novel. And you know what? Writing is fun again… so I’ll be back sooner with my next post!

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