Custom Motorcycle is An Inspiration

Custom Motorcycle is An Inspiration

Custom Motorcycle is An Inspiration

I get to see a lot of cool motorcycles in my job running our family business (Leader Motorcycle), but every once in a while one really stands out.

The one I’m writing about today is named “Highway to Heaven” and its owner is… God.

(TX police officer David R holds the title to the bike and has help from Ron R, a Leader customer and the guy who first turned me on to this bike.)


“Highway to Heaven” has:

  • Custom paint job including the 10 commandments on the front area of the tank and scrolls-and-light on the rear fender
  • huge dove emblem backlit by LED lights by the engine (a total of 14 doves in the paint job and elsewhere)
  • LED lights by the shifter linkage so the bike’s name “Highway to Heaven” is lit up
  • 39 crosses that represent the 39 stripes Christ took for us before he was crucified (see the photo of the rear left one!)
  • custom-designed seat, image of kneeling at the cross and flame-designed speedometer
  • amazing dove details in the wheels
  • 9 olive branches
  • Foot pegs, brake pedal and shifter made from railroad spikes. The three spikes on each side represent the three nails that put Jesus on the cross.

The attention to detail on this motorcycle just blows me away. There is no other way to describe it but love of the machine and God.

Ron says they use the bike to help get attention for charitable events, and as a way to open conversation about how God restores, not destroys. I just wanted to give these folks a shout-out and share their (our) message. Plus, it make me want to write more biker romance (which is good because I’m current trying to finish final drafts Lady Biker Series #2, TEACHING TREY)!

Thank you, David & Ron!

2 thoughts on “Custom Motorcycle is An Inspiration

  1. Donna Harvey

    This has to be the most awesome bIke ive ever seen!!! What a way to witness! Wow is all i can say! God bless you!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Donna

    1. tcramerk Post author

      sorry for the delayed response! YEAH! Isn’t it cool? I like how the owner took a passion (motorcycling) and blended it with sharing of faith!

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