Developing as a Writer

Developing as a Writer

Lately I’ve found myself somewhat uninspired. True Surrender is still at the publisher (which means it’s “done” unless they say they want it and ask for changes). And nothing has really jumped out at me in recent weeks saying “work on me, work on me!”

So today I opened a rather OLD writing file – some of my very early writing from 2002-2003. I was curious if any of it was decent.

The verdict is still out on that … this piece has a lot of bouncing from one head to another (one of the big issues I had to work on when I got serious about writing) that would need to be re-flowed. Some of the scenes have merit but the plot would need a whole lot of revision (which may render the scenes moot), and in fact, might not be as plausible as I’d prefer. (It IS fiction, but I do like a certain level of believeability – it’s why I’ve done things like air medical ride-alongs and interviewing search-and-rescue personnel.)

What I did like: the characters (although a bit stereotypical and stilted at times). And that might just be what resurrects this piece some day. Or, I may “borrow” a a character (or two) and place them in another story. Or “break it up” and use parts of it differently.

At any rate, it was an interesting exercise!

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