Do You Believe in Karma?

Do You Believe in Karma?

This time of year, my motorcycle business ( is so busy I don’t have time or brain space to write. But the universe doesn’t stop just because I do…

In the last two weeks, I’ve met two people that I feel I was lead to, particularly related to my writing ventures. I wasn’t looking for them – unless it was subconscious – but there they were.

The first is the organizer of the flight club I will be joining in the fall. I mentioned this in my last post. Since I didn’t know his background when I met with him, I was stunned to find out that he is an ex-Air Force physician. Why? Because the main character in my current novel-in-progress is an Air Force officer who loses a leg during a hostage situation.

The second is a wholistic healer whom I met in a most unlikely way – during the course of my motorcycle business. Those who’ve read “Last Chance Rescue” know that there is a healing scene in it, and that my writing tends to have overtones of medical emergencies and healing. I spent two hours talking to this person, once again struck by how I’ve been brought into his sphere.

Cool, huh??

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