Fellow Author Launches First Book

Fellow Author Launches First Book

Like Harry Potter or the Twilight series, but sometimes wish for a little, well, brighter option? (Or wish your kids would?)

‘Reef Warrior’ by Cheri Andrews might be just the ticket.

‘Reef Warrior’ is the first book in what Andrews hopes will become a series chronicling the life of Diam Roceht, an average adolescent girl who comes to realize she is actually a mermaid who must one day return to the ocean to protect the Great Barrier Reef.

The idea for ‘Reef Warrior’ was sparked by Cheri’s daughter’s English project, but she admits it was also a ploy to spend more quality time with her adolescent daughter. As she told us during our Writers Group, little did she know how far it would go!

The book’s release date is set for TODAY! – July 14 – and Andrews has a few events set up in the local area. Visit www.reefwarrior.com for details. Congratulations Cheri!

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