First Responders Fiction/Romance Felt “Distant”

First Responders Fiction/Romance Felt “Distant”

Honor Redeemed is Book 2 in Loree Lough’s First Responder series. The first book (From Ashes to Honor) ended rather abruptly – and with NO happy ending for the hero and heroine. (See previous post.)
So imagine my surprise when, not a dozen pages into THIS book, those characters show up … happily engaged! So, what’s the story there?! Yeah, THAT would have been the story romance readers wanted.
So romance readers, beware … no happy ending in this book, either. I just could NOT get into the female character. She was her own worst enemy when it came to inter-personal issues. That doesn’t usually kill a character for me, but after several instances where the author seemed to lead up to a “breakout” moment for her… but no… it got so dragged-out I almost quit reading.

The male hero (Matt) was just too good to be true. Even at the end he was going to wait around for her. What a waste!
I also figured out what element I was missing in both these books: the “first responder” part of these characters’ lives are ten years in the past. In both books, the characters (hero in particular) have already worked through some nasty fall-out related to 9/11. It’s THAT story I was looking for by picking up this series. I was also looking for more search-and-rescue action (since my novel Last Chance Rescue features search-and-rescue team members).
From the looks of the teaser for Book 3, it will be more of the same; this time I’ll have to pass. Rating: 3-.

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