First Ride of the Season…Minus One License Plate

First Ride of the Season…Minus One License Plate

Given that my husband and I own a motorcycle accessories business — not to mention I’m such an avid motorcyclist that the photo on my book flap is of me on a motorcycle — I get asked so often: “Is there a motorcycle in your book?” that I will HAVE to include one in my next novel!

YES, I know exactly where that will fit in!

So went my thoughts as I was basking in the after-glow of my first motorcycle ride of the season. It was a 35-minute jaunt on the county roads around my home in semi-rural St. Francis, MN with my son as passenger.

Let me be decidedly un-literary for a moment: GOD, IT FELT GOOD!

The only tiny (and I mean near inconsequential!) mar was that it was technically illegal. (Or maybe that just made it more exciting?!)

I don’t have a license plate.

So here’s the story: I lent my motorcycle to the shop that does all our sewing (Desert Dawgs Rain Guards) so they could develope a seat for it. When it left here in November, it had a license plate. When I got it back on Thursday…no plate. So I rushed to the bureau on Saturday only to find out they were closed for a ‘belated’ Good Friday holiday. Frustrating! (But, as you can see, it didn’t stop me!)

Do you think an officer would let me off the hook with that story?? (It’s true.) Luckily I didn’t have to find out…

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