“Take Two” Free Novel Excerpt: a Desperate Search…

“Take Two” Free Novel Excerpt: a Desperate Search…

TakeTwoCover_webWelcome to Installment #8 of my upcoming novel, Take Two: a Hollywood Romance with a Twist (see previous blog posts for excerpts 1-7). I am sharing Take Two for FREE every week, so click here for details on how to follow the story of Zac and Gina!


                Gina let herself into Zac’s hotel room and stood looking around in the dim light. It looked like a typical bachelor pad, with clothing randomly strewn about and papers littering the small desk. She reached for the light and hesitated; was it a good idea to turn on a light?

                Then she chided herself. What could she possibly hope to find if she couldn’t see? She flipped a switch and headed for the desk.

                It felt odd to be poking through Zac’s things, especially when she wasn’t exactly sure what she was looking for. The papers on the desk were almost all shooting scripts. She checked the drawers of the desk; nothing but his computer and a jumble of napkins and wet wipes.

                What next? The drawers? It would really feel odd to go through his underwear…

                She needed more light. She went around the bed and reached for the bedside lamp switch. The halo lit up the area, and she gawked at what she saw. “It can’t be,” she whispered.

                There, on the nightstand, were the remains of what looked for all the world like…oatmeal raisin cookies.

                Gina jumped at a knock on the door. Moving swiftly, she looked through the peephole and then opened the door to Candy.

                “Did you find anything?” Candy said as she stepped inside.

                Gina shut the door firmly behind her. “I think I found the cookies you talked about.”

                Candy followed Gina’s gaze to the nightstand. Her eyes went wide. Gina went back to the desk. “There was a baggie in here somewhere,” she muttered. “Ah, yes, here it is.”

                She carried the bag to the nightstand. Carefully she brushed the cookie fragments into the bag, resisting the urge to sniff at them. When she turned to Candy, she found the young woman just staring at the bag.

                “I was right,” Candy said softly.

                “You were right about the cookies,” Gina said. “Let’s not jump to conclusions from there.”

                “I’m right,” Candy said. “I know it.”

                “Did you find Sasha?” Gina said.

                “Huh?” Candy said. “Oh. Yeah. She’s in the lounge. It sounds like she’s staying the night and heading out in the morning.”

                Another knock on the door caused Candy to let out a squeak.

                “That should be Dale.” Gina stepped to the door and let him in. “You got the pass card?”

                “That’s affirmative.” Dale looked from Gina to Candy, then to the bag Gina held in her hands. “But I’m getting a funny feeling about this.”

                Gina gave him a short explanation. “I think we need to talk to Sasha.”

                “Maybe we should check her room first,” Dale said. “That is why you had me get the pass card, isn’t it?”

©2013 Tracey Cramer-Kelly

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