From Corporate CEO to Waitress (Romance Novel Review)

From Corporate CEO to Waitress (Romance Novel Review)

In the first chapter of The CEO Gets her Man, the heroine (Debra) comes across as a total bitch. She was so bitchy, I started thinking right away how much she’d have to change to make this story into something I’d be interested in, and with that much change, would it even be believable? I almost quit reading right there. Looking back, I think if the author had worked in a little more backstory right off the bat (difficult balance, I know) – WHY she is like that – it may have been a less rocky start.

Luckily her character was developed as the story went on, but WHY she was the way she was… it never felt like enough of a reason for that rough start. Nevertheless, if the point of the story was her transformation (besides the romance, of course) the author managed to make it believeable.

The concept of a CEO pretending to be a waitress is great. I would have liked more about her as a waitress – those scenes were so minimal it almost felt like a contrived reason for these two characters to interact – and more of the characters that befriended her as a waitress. Again, those felt placed there only to create a reflection in her, and they could have made the story so much more full and interesting.

Jase was a bit too good to be true. She deceives him (though not intentionally), then comes to him for help… and he decides he’s going to just plow through all her crap and… marry her? He still doesn’t really know her, so it’s a bit of a stretch. But I was willing to overlook that by this time, because there was enough heat between the characters, and a couple good scenes (one involving an accident and the one when he discovers who she really is). All in all, a satisfactory read.

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