Get to Know the Characters: Holly Rossiter, Prosthetist and Widowed Mom

Get to Know the Characters: Holly Rossiter, Prosthetist and Widowed Mom

Do you ever wish you could meet the characters in a book? Well, here’s your chance to get to know Holly Rossiter, “star” of True Surrender … a prosthetist and widow with a 4-year-old son … and the woman who challenges officer Aaron Bricewick to rethink his black-and-white world…

So we understand there was some history between you and Aaron?
Aaron and I were college sweethearts. I was crazy about him, but he broke my heart.

What did you think when you saw him after all these years?
He was in pretty bad shape, and he lost his leg shortly thereafter. I couldn’t help feeling something for him – but I was determined to be just friends. I figured I would just help him through a tough time.

But that changed?
Aaron is a very proud person. Respect from others is of paramount importance to him. He doesn’t like to ask for help, and he does not want to be perceived as weak. But what happened to him … it’s very humanizing.

Can you elaborate on that?
The more Aaron tried to keep it together, the harder it got. Yet he wouldn’t admit that to himself or others. It was hard to watch him unravel, you know? Then there’s the night he finally cracked … it was bad … and it was good.

When did you finally give in to his romantic overtures?
When he told me what happened to him in Afghanistan … when he let himself be himself instead of the straight-laced, black-and-white Army officer … I couldn’t resist anymore.

But it wasn’t happily-ever-after?
No, it wasn’t. It was only two-thirds of the way through the book! He got orders to report to Washington. I was hurt and I lashed out at him.

We understand you eventually reunited.
It took three months and this recurring nightmare for me to realize I hadn’t given our relationship the chance it deserved – to admit I loved him but I was scared. When I found him, he was in even worse shape. I had abandoned him at the worst time. There was still so much he had to work through … and more trials we couldn’t have foreseen.

Can you give us some idea of these trials?
Nope. You’ll have to get the book.

So how does it end?
I would say that, where we were at the end of the book is a place that neither of us expected to find ourselves.

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