Going Solo for the Night

Going Solo for the Night

Ah, solo for the night! (I forgot how this feels…) Family left for the lake around five, but I didn’t want to miss my taiko practice in the morning (only 4 practices left before the recital!). I’ll head up after practice.

I spent the evening doing errands (who knew it would take THREE stops over two weeks to get a new cell phone plan??) and stopped to chat with the president of the Flying Club I’m going to join in the fall. There I received what I can only describe as a karmic lift – that subconscious nudge that I was brought into this person’s sphere for a reason (in this case it perhaps has to do with my novel-in-progress). But perhaps that’s true of all encounters?? – we just don’t usually feel it so strongly as I did tonight…

When I got home I wrapped my daughter’s birthday presents and painted my toe nails (I haven’t done THAT in a very long time!). Now I’m ostensibly working on my writing (I made some headway this week, most noteably from my prosthetist friend, whom I “intereviewed” AGAIN for another 45 minutes)…

But really I’m just revelling in the feeling of not being accountable to anyone but ME for one evening!

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