Gold Medal for True Surrender Military Romance Novel!

I was humbled and proud to receive a Gold Medal for True Surrender, which was awarded at the Military Writers Society of America 2012 Awards Banquet on September 29.

This award is particularly meaningful to me because this is a nomination process, which means that people unbeknownst to me felt strongly enough about True Surrender to nominate it in the first place.

True Surrender was chosen as the top title in the Literary Novel category. Although there is a strong romance element in True Surrender, this award recognizes that the main character’s personal struggle with his amputation and PTSD is of equal importance to the relationship aspect. It is great validation that I succeeded in telling the soldier’s story.

True Surrender is the story of Army officer Aaron Bricewick, who is rescued from a hostage situation in Afghanistan only to find that his personal journey is just beginning… a journey that includes adapting to life as an amputee, facing a struggle with PTSD, and ultimately finding the strength within himself to accept redemption…and love. It is a story about faith, courage, duty, and honor. It was inspired by the true-life trials of wounded veterans and has received outstanding reviews. True Surrender is also an Indie Award Finalist. Read more here.

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