Good Mom, Bad Writer

Good Mom, Bad Writer

It has been a good weekend to be a mom. But not such a good weekend to be a writer.

I wanted to work on my novel, but every time I thought I’d have an hour of peace, I found my children yakking at me (my very sociable 7-year-old) or trying to pull all the ornaments off the tree (yep, that’s my toddler). Now here it is Sunday evening and I’m too pooped to get my mind into writing or even work on my writing to-do list. Sometimes it’s really frustrating!

So here is a reminder to self: focus on what I HAVE been able to accomplish rather than what I haven’t.

Last week I updated my ‘newsletter,’ which has blurbs about recent reviews of “Last Chance Rescue” as well as a short (and interesting) essay about how I got into flying helicopters.

Some ‘newsletters’ include virtual interviews with characters and even sneak previews of upcoming writings.

You too can receive these missives – once every 6-8 weeks – simply by subscribing using the opt-in box at the top right. I hope you’ll join me in this journey, and I promise it will be interesting!

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