Grandpa in a Purple Speedo: Does an Article of Clothing have Special Meaning?

Grandpa in a Purple Speedo: Does an Article of Clothing have Special Meaning?

purplespeedoRecently, I took my kids to the local water park. There, amongst the throngs of mostly kids, I observed a man, approximately 70 years old, wearing a purple Speedo.

Yes, Speedo. Yes – purple.

Now, I’m about as far from a fashion maven as it’s possible to be, but I haven’t seen many Speedos in recent years (like twenty or thirty!). And perhaps, at that age, a Speedo might not be the most flattering thing to wear (ahem).

Naturally I wondered at his choice. Perhaps that Speedo made him feel younger? Stronger? Maybe the Speedo had meaning to that old guy?

Now, a movie star (like Zac Davies in my novel Take Two) could probably pull off a purple Speedo and still look amazing (he’s a movie star, duh). But there actually IS a particular piece of clothing that turns out to have meaning to the characters. (And no, it’s not a Speedo!)

Without giving too much away, I’ll tell you that Gina (the heroine) gave this article of clothing to Zac while he was in dialysis. That piece of clothing shows up in several scenes in the book. In one instance, it becomes an anchor he clings to during a particularly bad time; in another it serves to highlight a physical aspect of Zac that Gina is very drawn to.

But… back to the Purple Speedo.

This older gentleman had a female companion who was probably close to that age, who was wearing a bikini. She was quite skinny with wizened skin and breasts that were, well, just not natural. But I have to hand it to them: they looked like they were enjoying themselves. So who am I to judge? My idea of fun just happens to involve two wheels and a lot of chrome (and tighty whities instead of Speedos)!
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