Gripping, personal account of Iraq War

Gripping, personal account of Iraq War

I am supposed to be in WI getting ready to go rafting tomorrow, but Mother Nature had other ideas (cold and rainy here!). So I was doing a little ‘homework’ today: reading “House to House” by David Bellavia (with – a LOT, I think – of help from journalist John Bruning). It is a memoir of his time serving in Iraq, and particularly Fallujah.

Last Chance Rescue’s character Jessie Van Dyke is an Iraq veteran, and though the story is taking place AFTER her tour of duty, the experience of war has left her with emotional baggage. And … a divorce.

Her ex-husband, Major Aaron Bricewick, is the main character in my current novel-in-progress. The military life played a role in Last Chance Rescue, and it’s a BIG theme in ‘Bricewick.’ So besides just being interested in the subject matter of the Iraq war, books like this one are fodder for my writing.

The main purpose to my own five years in the Army Reserves was the GI Bill (to pay my way through college). The big scare during my time in the military was Desert Storm (thank god I was never activated), but you don’t see such gripping, personal accounts of that conflict as you do for Iraq. I find it fascinating, and I hope I can reach military spouses and family with “Last Chance Rescue”…and eventually my next book.

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