Hollywood Director Heroine in “The Director’s Cut”

Hollywood Director Heroine in “The Director’s Cut”

I needed a break from Take Two revisions, so what did I do? I picked up a book (The Director’s Cut) with a central character who is also a female Hollywood director!

Tia Morales comes off as always being in control, as being one tough cookie. That seems to have worked on the set, but off the set…not so much. There’s a vulnerable side to Tia that she’s terrified to let people see. And she’s driven – her self-esteem tied up with her success as a director. This was a character I could identify with in many ways (including the family drama)!

Then there’s Jason, the cameraman and Tia’s love interest. According to the content blurb, they’d been butting heads for a year. It’s not apparent why Jason changes the way he acts toward Tia, but from the start of this book he acts concerned about her. They do have one conversation about why he acted the way he did, and to be fair, the book is in Tia’s point of view. But he felt a little under-developed.

In this book, the Christian faith of the characters is never in doubt, never wobbly or uncertain. There’s no antagonist or anti-Christian character to play the part of devils advocate (pun intended), which I missed. Tia’s struggle isn’t so much whether to have faith, but in learning to let go of control. Again, a theme that resonates with me a LOT (consider the topic of True Surrender!).

In sum, a great “sweet romance” with Christian themes, if a bit skimpy on obstacles. My rating: 4.

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