How They Meet: Teaching Trey Biker Romance

How They Meet: Teaching Trey Biker Romance

How They Meet: Teaching Trey Biker Romance

TEACHING TREY starts right in with the motorcycle excitement – not to mention an unusual way for a couple to “meet”! Enjoy this free peek of Chapter 1! (More details here)

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Treyson Jordan shifted his BMW M4 convertible into third gear and pressed the accelerator. His father didn’t suffer fools lightly, and Trey wasn’t in the mood to hear a lecture on being late for their weekly tennis match.

The car in front of him slowed, and Trey swerved into the left lane.


He lightened up on the accelerator as he glanced in his rearview mirror.

A motorcycle roared past him, the rider giving him what he imagined was a dirty look, though he could see no features through the dark-tinted face shield.

Crap. He hadn’t even seen the bike!

As the motorcycle pulled in front of his BMW, Trey couldn’t help but notice the auburn tresses flowing down the rider’s back, strands randomly lifted by the wind. The rider’s back was slim and tapered to hips that were decidedly feminine.

A biker chick.

His embarrassment was replaced by intrigue. What did she look like under that helmet? What would it be like to be with a woman like that?

Trey’s lips curved into the semblance of a smile. Yeah, maybe that’s what he needed. Forget the society mavens his parents were always setting him up with and take a walk on the wild side…

That would certainly get his dad’s dander up.

His eyes were drawn to a pickup truck in the opposite lane ahead.

Don’t do it, man.

His silent entreaty went unheard, and the driver started his turn—directly in front of the motorcycle.

Trey hit his brakes the same moment the rider did. He watched as the motorcycle’s back tire fishtailed first one direction and then the other as its rider fought for control. She almost managed it; instead Trey watched as bike and rider toppled in slow motion.

Thank God she wasn’t going too fast by that time.

Trey punched the button that activated his hazard lights and stopped in the middle of the lane behind the rider.

He jumped from his car and jogged to the motorcycle. “Are you all right?”

“Goddamn cage drivers,” the biker muttered as she untangled her legs from the machine and picked herself up.

Trey was relieved to see she appeared unharmed. He touched her shoulder and spoke more authoritatively. “Ma’am, are you okay?”

She looked at him, and her eyes went wide. Green eyes in a delicate heart-shaped face… a face that was turning a darker shade of red. “I’m, ah…”

She looked down as if studying her legs. She brushed a hand over her leather chaps. “I appear to be in one piece.”

He glanced in the direction the pickup had gone, then at the traffic making its way around his convertible. This wasn’t a high-speed freeway, but it was busy enough during this time of day.

When he turned back to the rider, she was kneeling to survey the damage to the bike’s crash bar. He bent too. “Are you okay to ride?”

“I’m fine.” She positioned herself next to the bike, and he realized she was attempting to pick it up.

“Let me help.”

“I got it,” she said.

Quickly he removed his suit jacket and laid it on the hood of his car.

“Really, I got this.” She sounded irritated.

He decided to take a lighter approach. “Well, then, consider my fragile male ego.”

It had the desired affect; she glanced at him in surprise. “What?”

“All these drivers watching us, wondering what kind of man I am to let you struggle with that machine alone.” He placed one hand on the bike’s handlebars. “Cut me a break?”

He caught a hint of a smile before she dipped her head in agreement. He positioned himself behind her and together they righted the bike.

“Thanks,” she said.

“Maybe we should park your bike at the side of the road for a bit.” Not only would he feel more confident that she was okay to ride; it would also give him an opportunity for proper introductions.

“I’m fine.” She straddled the bike and checked the gears and controls. She hit the starter button and the bike roared to life.

Seriously? She was just going to ride off? Well, what did he care anyway? Finally he said, “You sure?”

Almost as if she’d forgotten he was there, she turned to him. “Um… thanks… again.” Then she twisted the throttle and left him standing there.

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