Interview on Military Mom Radio

Interview on Military Mom Radio

On December 10, I was interviewed on Military Mom Talk Radio. I had a great time with the hosts, Sandy and Robin (who are cool women in their own right).

We talked about how long it takes me to write a book (and where/how I find the time to do so). They immediately got my point, which is: if you just keep plugging away at it, who cares if it takes two years (my current time frame)?

I explained how True Surrender’s wounded veteran hero got under my skin and why the book means so much to me. They asked how I had gotten into flying helicopters and about my military background as a paramedic.

They even played a snippet of “Cool Rider” (which always makes me laugh because the song and the video were just so much fun to do). For a 13-minute radio segment, we covered a lot of ground!

You can listen to the show at Look under “Recent shows” on the right-side bar. (Note: that bar/section does NOT appear on all versions of Internet Explorer, so I recommend you use a different browser.) If you want to jump right to my segment, it starts at minute 16.

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