Interview: Why I "Write Like a Man"

Interview: Why I "Write Like a Man"

I was recently interviewed about “Last Chance Rescue” by a radio station in Maine. We talked about writing from a male perspective and why men would enjoy the book (the interviewers were both men) and why I don’t consider myself a tomboy even though I ‘write like a man’!

The interview was about 18 minutes long (although commercials take up minutes 3-6) and if you’re so inclined you can listen to it here (windows media file). Special thanks to Tim for formatting!

Hear about my experience as a military medic, as well as why I decided to become a helicopter pilot (and how I ended up doing ride-alongs with Dick Chaney’s Secret Service team!).

We talked about the idea behind the book (how a major wake-up call can change a life) as well as what I like to explore in my writing (internal struggles with past/intimacy/regrets or unreasonable fears) and how I use the setting/physical danger to develop the characters.

Sometimes it’s better than reading!

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