Interview with Jessie Van Dyke, Iraq war veteran, paramedic and search-and-rescue team member

Interview with Jessie Van Dyke, Iraq war veteran, paramedic and search-and-rescue team member

And here is another peek behind the scenes of Last Chance Rescue (psst: buy it today!)…

So, what were you doing before Last Chance Rescue?
I spent twelve months in Iraq as a paramedic before moving to Colorado, and I’d been in Colorado for a couple years when this all started.

What was Iraq like?
I don’t like to talk about it much. It was pretty intense.

Didn’t you get married after that?
I don’t like to talk about that, either. I’m a pretty private person.

What did you think of Brad when you saw him at the reunion?
I thought he was shallow, but it underneath that I could sense a little vulnerability. I was curious what he’d do if I challenged him on it.

Is that why you took him on that first ride-along?
I could see he wanted it badly, and the guys were like, ‘ah, come on, let him come.’ It wasn’t really my decision; it was the team leader’s. It was supposed to be a routine search; Brad was not supposed to see what he saw…

How did he end up on your search-and-rescue team?
I have no idea! I sure never expected him to move to Colorado! Or to get out of advertising altogether. That was a pretty big, hairy, audacious thing to do! But I will say, he’s damn good at it.

So what do you do to pay the bills?
I work as a physical therapy assistant. It’s a pretty sweet deal. They’re supportive of the search-and-rescue team and they cut me a lot of slack.

What do you do with your spare time?
I spend whatever extra time I have at Last Chance Ranch. I even ‘adopted’ a horse named Mistletoe, who’d been on the Premarin production line. And you won’t want to miss the birth of her baby, Holly!

Have you been riding long?
I hadn’t the first clue about horses when I moved to Colorado; all I knew was that they were the most magnificent creatures I’d ever seen. When I left the service, I had to make a delivery to Madeline, the owner of Last Chance Ranch — it was a favor I owed a dead friend — and the moment I set foot there I knew it was a healing place. Once I learned to ride, I was hooked.

I heard you have a ‘thing’ for cowboys.
[chuckles] I’ve always been attracted to cowboys. They have very nice behinds and they tend to be the strong, silent type.

How about a certain cowboy in Last Chance Rescue?
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