Lady Biker Series

Teaching Trey (Book Two in the Lady Biker Series)

Amber Morell is in over her head.

When her father dies and leaves her the only thing he had left – four ramshackle apartment buildings – Amber has no idea what a burden she’s just inherited.  With debts mounting and her brother overseas, Amber will do whatever it takes to sell the apartments and save her family from financial ruin.

But she can’t possibly handle it alone…

When real estate mogul Trey Jordan comes face-to-face with the feisty biker chick who also happens to be his friend’s little sister, more than his curiosity is piqued. So what if the deal he proposes is a little… unorthodox? After all, he loves pissing off his high-society parents, and they’d hate the street-loving biker chick.

Neither expects the sleezy building manager to be a problem.

As events grow from suspicious to violent, Trey realizes too late that Amber is in danger—and that there’s more between them than the freedom of the open road.

Now, Trey must put it all on the line to save Amber before it’s too late. With the odds stacked against this unlikely pair, can Amber teach Trey the true meaning of freedom, faith, and love?

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Directing Zac (Book 1 in the Lady Biker Series)

A Harley-riding Hollywood director and single mom. A rising star on the cusp of his Big Break. And a stalker who changes both their lives forever.

For Zac Davies, acting has been a way to live someone else’s life ever since his parents were killed. This is his Big Break—and he can’t afford to screw it up.Director Gina Devereaux has made a name for herself despite the fact that a past humiliation—and broken heart—nearly cost her her career. She’s not about to let anyone close enough to do that again. Especially an actor.

But when a stalker poisons Zac, and the producer threatens to destroy everything he and Gina have worked for, she puts her reputation on the line—and allows Zac into her life until he recovers.

Away from the set Zac discovers the Harley-riding, small-town-at-heart Hollywood director is not who he thought she was. Gina and her teenage daughters give him a whole new outlook on life (and an unexpected gift).

But once back on set, Zac and Gina’s friendship is sorely tested. In the media frenzy that follows, Zac fears that his tragic past and uncertain future have become the story. He must decide where his heart lies: in the world of bright lights and fame… or in the arms of a Lady Biker with a big chip on her shoulder.

NOTE: This book was previously published as “Take Two: a Hollywood Romance.”

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Meet The Iron Zebra Riders

LadyBikerSeries_LogoThe Iron Zebra is a fictional bar (and motorcycle club) that was originally the setting for the “Cool Rider” music video. Then it became the preferred hangout for the Lady Bikers. These four women are different yet united by their love of riding – and each will get her own happily-ever-after!

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Director Gina Devereaux (Directing Zac)

Teacher Amber Morell (Teaching Trey)

Coming soon! Computer programmer Willow Spencer lives her life fast and hard—and she likes her men that way too. Dating only bikers fits her lifestyle—until she literally runs into Mitchell Connor, a local rancher who disdains motorcycles in favor of horses.

Coming soon! Although the man of bar owner Sabrina Wilson’s heart left her twelve years ago to pursue a career in the military, she’s done okay for herself running The Iron Zebra. But at 35, she receives a double whammy: a life-altering diagnosis and the return of her lost love (and the father of her son), Captain Finnegan Berington.

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