Las Vegas Search-and-Rescue Video

Las Vegas Search-and-Rescue Video

I haven’t written about search-and-rescue in some time, but I recently came across a really good video, and it happens to be from a SAR unit in the US: the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. It’s a little “promo”-ish, but usually all you get in any SAR video is wind noise and jerky/un-focused camera work (not that I’m blaming the cameraperson for that, considering the conditions they’re often operating in)!

Check it out here (it’s about 4 minutes long).

My personal interest tends toward the helicopter pilots (seeing that I was trained as one myself), who do amazing things with that big machinery. But it really does come down to the people.

If I could write full-time, I would seriously consider writing a series based around the search-and-rescue team in my first novel, Last Chance Rescue. The characters are all there already, waiting for their stories to be told (see Last Chance Rescue)! I wouldn’t consider the research to be a hardship at all! (When I wrote Last Chance Rescue, I rode along with a crew in Idaho.)

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