Last Chance Rescue Reviewed by Feathered Quill

Last Chance Rescue Reviewed by Feathered Quill

Coolio! This also appears on my Amazon book page and B&N Web site (and somewhere on too)! Geez, I hope it helps SELL a few books…

Here’s a portion (see the full review here).

“The two snowmobilers were probably high-marking it, but it would be the last time for one of them. Brad got a glimpse of the man’s mangled face just before they covered him, but it didn’t deter him from wanting to try his hand at search-and-rescue. Maybe it was the fact that he no longer had a job or, if he really thought about it, it could be Jesse van Dyke. He’d known her practically since they were babes in arms, but well… things change…

Jessie had secrets and they were as deep, dark and turbulent as a Colorado Rocky ravine at night. A tour of Iraq left its mark, but things like helping deliver Mistletoe’s foal, Holly, on the ranch and her dedication to her job did seem to breathe a little life back into her soul. Every positive attribute that could be slapped on a woman Jess could lay claim to save one, and that was a sense of peace. Brad couldn’t seem to get anywhere with her and found old man jealousy smacking him upside the head whenever he thought another man like Drew loved her…

Told from Brad’s point of view, it was a nice change of pace to find an emotionally vulnerable man instead of a man totally devoid of feelings pretending to be a tough guy…We’ve got a winner!”

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