Last Chance Rescue Scores in Contest

Last Chance Rescue Scores in Contest

“The Long and the Short of It” romance reviews Web site put “Last Chance Rescue” on its weekly poll this past weekend. Although it didn’t win top honors (I think its final ‘standing’ was third out of the ten listed), the site’s review is phenomenal and is worth reading whether you’ve read the book yet or not. Here’s the start of it:

“You rescued me, and I don’t mean just from the mountain.” The how, where, when, and why of this quotation is the essence of this beautiful love story that is full of action, emotion, introspection, and sharing of life.

The learning to love oneself in order to truly love another who will give love in return is another compelling part of this novel. In addition, the acceptance of others and their limitations comes into play as the main characters come to terms with issues that cause deep-seated anger, guilt, and feelings of self-doubt.

To read the complete review, click here.

Thank you to those who got my link this weekend and voted for me!

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