Last Chance Rescue

Last Chance Rescue: a Story of Rescue and Romance in the Rocky Mountains
Two search-and-rescue team members must fight their own defenses and let down their walls … to rescue each other.When Brad Sievers runs into his old friend Jessie Van Dyke at his high school reunion, little does he know how much it will change his life. When his high-powered advertising career fizzles, he falls into a most unlikely career opportunity — becoming a member of Jessie’s search-and-rescue team.

Nothing in his life has prepared Brad for this, but he finds it more fulfilling than a dozen advertising campaigns.Through dangerous rescues and personal trials, Brad and Jessie become close friends. They share in the birth of her first colt from her rescued horse; Jessie helps Brad when one of his first rescues doesn’t make it. When one of their rescue victims turns out to be a fellow soldier from Jessie’s Iraq War days, Brad almost loses her to old demons.

But when Brad is severely injured in a training accident, Jessie nurses him back to health as only she can. And when she goes missing one night, Brad realizes just how important she has become to him.

Both Brad and Jessie must fight their own defenses to finally let down the walls that will allow them to rescue each other. This is a story about breath-taking action and adventurous lives, and the heart that is behind it all.

Written with the voice of experience, Last Chance Rescue draws on the author’s own Army Reserve training and medevac experience. Tracey’s ride-alongs with actual search-and-rescue teams give the thrilling rescues the energy that puts the reader right in the action.

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