Making a Music Video: Real-Life Women Bikers

Making a Music Video: Real-Life Women Bikers

My original intention with the “Cool Rider” music video was to emphasize women bikers (on their OWN bikes). To that end, I put out a call to women bikers, asking them to share photos of themselves riding with their man.

I got more than photos; I got stories. One in particular touched me because this couple’s story is about two things near and dear to my heart: motorcycling and wounded veterans. Here is the story in Laura’s words (that’s her man to the left!):

“George and I served together as Army parachute riggers at Ft. Bragg in the mid-90’s.  We were very young and close, but lost touch for about 13 years. One day, about 3 years ago while I was living in NY, out of the blue, I just happened to be thinking about him, so I typed his name in the searchbox on facebook, and I discovered he was in some serious PTSD-related trouble due to being the sole survivor of the worst roadside bomb attack on Idaho’s 321st in Iraq.  I learned of his circumstance through a group that had been erected that very day.  Talk about timing!  How weird is that??

In spite of his brain injury-related memory issues, he remembered me, and we began corresponding. I came out to support him, we fell in love again, and after flying out for several NY to ID visits, I moved out to be with him permanently.

The journey to understanding the scope of how his PTSD and mild TBI affected him hasn’t been an easy one, at times, but ever since I found George again, I felt an unquestionable destiny. The mystery of why he popped into my head when he did… It was for a reason.  I believe that wholeheartedly. Anyway, aside from us both being active in Vet- related activities, we love our adventures riding together, and we’re making plans to ride to Rolling Thunder in Washington, DC in May.”

Although the scope of the video had to be tightened (you can’t tell too many stories in three and a half minutes) and we won’t be able to use the photos on the “Cool Rider” music video, I love ALL the photos I’ve received and want to share them.

So, on my Facebook page, you can find photos of women bikers and their man. The ones shown here are just a few of my favorites. Thank you ladies, for sharing with me!

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