Making a Music Video: Writing the Script

Making a Music Video: Writing the Script

Last week I spent a lot of time working on the script for my biker video project. Perhaps I did it “backward.” I had an idea what I wanted the finished Biker Video to look like, but it wasn’t until I’d assembled the “project team” (cameraman, production assistant, director) that I was able to finish the script.

A key consideration was the actor to play opposite the singer. This was not a small consideration, as I’ve never done any type of acting (unless you count stage performances as a taiko player or singer with a bar band) and I needed a strong “co-star.” The only logical conclusion? I needed a professional.

Thank goodness for the wonders of Craigslist. And for a “small world.” Because one of the respondents was a local actor who had coincidentally auditioned for my last project. So we were already familiar with each other, and after meeting with him, I thought he’d be perfect for the part – AND he can help coach me in the acting department. (Secretly, I’m sure he’ll make me look better than I am!)

Although we had a shooting script for “The Rose,” those were all scenes taken from my novel True Surrender. The writing was already done so the script was a piece of cake. For this video, I had to create the drama from scratch. (The shoot plan is broken into three “sections”: dramatic scenes, closeup biker scenes, and on-road riding scenes.) I’m a storyteller at heart, so that was the fun part. And once I knew who was playing opposite me, I was able to write the script to play on his strengths.

Last time I did this, we didn’t stick strictly to the script. And I thought the project was better for it. So I view this script as more of a “framework” and I’m looking forward to seeing what this particular group of folks will do with it!

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