ME – a Writer??

ME – a Writer??

I figured it would be a routine trip to the library. I go there often, and this time I stopped to chat with Diana (the head librarian). As I exited the library, a teenage girl stopped me to ask about Last Chance Rescue. Her questions boiled down to essentially this: how did I become a writer?

My attempt at answers felt entirely inadequate!

Fifteen minutes later, back in my car after picking up my daughter at daycare, I reflected on this question. The truth is, I’ve written all my life. But I have never thought of myself as a “writer”! Why, I wonder? Because I have so many other identifications (mom, wife, daughter, sister … business owner … motorcyclist … you get the idea) that it had not occurred to me to add “writer” to that list?

Or is it because I don’t “write” as a job? Honestly, I couldn’t do it – it is HARD WORK! (And, I might add, not exactly a highly-paid occupation.) In fact, I wonder sometimes WHY I have undertaken a second one!

But the answer is “Yes” – I am a writer. I’m still getting used to that idea. The day I held my first copy of Last Chance Rescue was the first time I thought: oh my gosh, I’m an AUTHOR! Was it easy? NO WAY!! But do I like the feeling? YOU BET!

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