Medical Drama in Fiction: A Writer’s View of Borrowed Time

Medical Drama in Fiction: A Writer’s View of Borrowed Time

CJ Lyons hasn’t disappointed me yet… Borrowed Time is another story with all the elements I enjoy: medical drama, lots of action/suspense and romance. So far, CJ Lyons is the closest I’ve found to an author with the same style writing as I.

The heroine is a cop with the character flaw of being TOO independent and strong-willed. Will she let her guard down and trust the good doctor in time? For his part, the good doctor struggles with his attraction to his patient and whether to set aside his clinical detachment and believe her visions. And, of course, there’s a villain we love to hate.

Now, to come at it from a writer’s standpoint… I was impressed that so much action could occur while the heroine was in a hospital bed (it was a very fine balance). Without the heroine’s visions (and the brazenness of the villain), it would not have worked. I liked the aspect of the visions (I suppose not everyone will); especially interesting was how she learned to harness them. About the time the story started to flag a bit, she was out of the hospital, and it picked up steam.

So our heroine sustained an extreme injury, died on the operating table, had major surgery, and she’s out of the hospital in a week… from a reality standpoint, I doubt she could have done half the things she goes on to do (making love among them, ah!). But this is fiction, people! I didn’t want to put the book down. A satisfying climax with a twist I didn’t see coming (another play on the author’s ER doc background) made my afternoon’s escape well worth it – and re-energized me to work on my own writing!

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