Military Charity to Benefit from Book Sales

Military Charity to Benefit from Book Sales

Military Charity to Benefit from Book Sales

Veteran’s Day is my second-favorite ‘patriotic’ holiday (July 4th is my first; I love the parades!) because it’s hyper-focused on just the people (as opposed to historical events). THANK YOU ACTIVE MILITARY AND VETERANS – AND YOUR FAMILIES!

But it seems as if each year, Veteran’s Day gets a little more lost in the holiday ramp-up.

So here’s what I’m doing this year.

From Nov 10 to Nov 30, 2017 I will make a donation to SoldierStrong for every one of my books sold (not just the military romance titles, although you may especially enjoy True Surrender or the Army Ranger Series).

Simply put, SoldierStrong helps injured veterans walk again. They solicit donation of, or help soldiers purchase, state-of-the-art medical devices, including the SoldierSuit. They may be small but their impact is outsized (what I strive for personally)!

When you purchase any of my books right now, you’ll make an extra impact – just in time for the holidays!


Simply Click Here to share on Facebook and copy-and-paste this text:

Military romance author Tracey Cramer-Kelly will donate to SoldierStrong for every book sold in the month of November! Check out the details here:


2 thoughts on “Military Charity to Benefit from Book Sales


    What a lovely act of kindness. I wish you every success and will contribute by buying one of your books, how lovely one of my favourite things to do, read a good book and help a worthy cause.
    Best wishes
    Sharon J

    1. tcramerk Post author

      Thanks Sharon! I’m just one person (and not like a best-selling author who will sell thousands of copies this month) but I do what I can! Truth is I’ll likely donate above and beyond the book sales anyway LOL!

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